Humble Warrior Podcast

About the Pod & Hosts

September 8, 2016

Humble Warrior Podcast

A pod where two guys uncover inspiration and purpose in everyday life, hosted by Chris Forte and Jon Moises.  We share personal stories and observations about balancing daily responsibilities, family life, careers and goals while striving to take care of our personal wants and needs.  We explore how yoga, martial arts and other practices have helped us in our personal growth and self-discovery.  You'll also hear from special guests who share their inspiration and personal journeys.

Chris Forte
Chris lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his three daughters and his dog, Buddy.  He enjoys daily yoga, prayer, meditation, reading and other tools as part of his own Spiritual Fitness regime. Chris writes a weekly blog, teaches yoga and is working on a book about his personal spiritual journey.

You can learn more about Chris at or follow him on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Jon Moises
Jon lives in Berkley, Michigan with his wife and two children.  Jon is the co-founder of Growth Works Ventures, a lead generation consulting company.  He practices martial arts, plays softball and produces the Humble Warrior Podcast.