Humble Warrior Podcast

Yoga, Martial Arts & Dealing with Stress

April 3, 2016

While Chris is on a 2-week trip to China, Jon takes over the Humble Warrior Podcast.  This week, Jon's wife Erika is a guest host and they discuss Erika's spiritual fitness practice through yoga & martial arts.  They talk about how her practice has helped her in her personal and work life including working with people, internal confidence and empowerment.  (2:45)  Beginnings of Erika's spiritual fitness practice, (7:15)  Vinyasa yoga quieting your mind, (10:50) Martial arts helps you work with people, (14:00) Feeling empowered by knowing self-defense, (16:05) How practicing both yoga and martial helps me deal with internal and external stress in life, (18:10) Jon considers taking his first yoga class, (22:28) Spiritual practice helps work life on the road, (26:13) How life changed by quitting smoking.