Humble Warrior Podcast

Winning or Losing and Special Guest John Salley

May 23, 2016

This week we talk about winning and losing and the lessons learned from competing.  We interview Motor City Bad Boy turned wellness advocate John Salley.  John talks about how he found a vegan lifestyle and how it changed his life.  Here are this week's show notes:  (1:00) Winning and losing, (5:00) Thought process of winning, (6:30) Why do you want to win, (8:14) John Salley Interview, (9:25) Om Cafe leads to vegan lifestyle, (10:37) Impact of caring for your gut, (12:29) Vegan impact in Detroit, (15:43) Importance of water, (17:25) Vegan wine, (19:30) Control your breath, control your mind, (23:11) Building the body through physical activity, (29:21) Food changes life, (31:52) Play to win or to be free, (34:15) How do you deal with competition?, (37:29) Individual competition vs team, (39:15) Moments of defeat, (43:30) Learning about yourself, (45:30) Competing as you age, (48:20) Love what you do