Humble Warrior Podcast

Time to Love Yourself Naked

May 16, 2016

Jon watches a movie and is inspired to talk about a life without time and then we're joined by holistic health coach Renee Heigel and she tells us about trust belly's and showing up fully.  Here's this weeks rundown:  (0:52) Discussion about time, (2:30) Living in the moment, (3:15) A world with no time, (6:00) Feelings associated to time, (9:05) Scheduled vs unscheduled time, (10:12) Judging yourself on time,(14:18) Giving time power, (17:54) Renee Heigel Interview, (19:06) Renee’s journey starts as a workaholic, (23:25) Renee hires a life coach at 22, (27:26) Renee balances baby, business and divorce, (32:24) Loving yourself naked, (39:00) Meditation, yoga, boxing and boundaries, (44:50) Competition between making money and spiritual practice, (49:52) Aligning yourself with what you’re good at, (52:47) Making your job meaningful and purposeful