Humble Warrior Podcast

Staying on Your Path

May 9, 2016

Chris talks about his personal discovery about while attending a Bo Eason public speaking seminar, how he lost and rediscovered his path and we interview the founder of the Body Mind Institute - Lars Gustafsson.  This week's show notes:  (0:35) Chris goes to Bo Eason speaking conference, (3:15) Self-discovery/Defining moments, (7:35) Uncovering past patterns, (9:00) Lars Gustafson Interview, (10:22) Body Mind Institute, (12:30) Course Topics,(13:35) Lars faces the most difficult part of his life, (14:45) Daily spiritual practice routines, (16:17) Self-forgiveness, surrender and detachment, (22:23) Waking up with water/healthy body practices, (32:25) Starting your body, mind and spirit practice, (36:12) Working with Lars, (38:26) Jon asks Chris about following his inner voice, (41:24) Losing your way when following your path, (50:20) Flight attendant tests Chris