Humble Warrior Podcast

Row the Boat Interview with PJ Fleck

October 24, 2016

chrisforte-pjfleck.jpgSports can provide us with exercise and entertainment, but it also provides us with a way to learn about ourselves. This week, we get to talk to the head football coach of Western Michigan Football, P.J. Fleck about his Row the Boat mantra. We'll discuss how the culture he's building is more than wins or losses on a football field. Here are this week's show notes: (1:37) P.J. Fleck Interview, (2:39) Being able to be me, (3:59) Row the Boat Mantra, (6:25) Results are data, (8:16) Finding your direction , (9:46) Joy is a perspecitve of circumstance, (12:05) Serving and giving, (14:34) Last man is most successful, (17:10) You’ve never really arrived, (19:43) Forget About Me I Love You, (22:25) Remarkable Effort Applied to Life , (25:30) Never let circumstance dictate your behavior