Humble Warrior Podcast

Reconnecting Your Soul After the Election - A Conversation with Jonathan Ellerby

November 14, 2016


We were fortunate to have the perfect guest on to help us reengage our spirit after a very emotionally packed election. Jonathan Ellerby PhD is uniquely qualified in the world of spirituality, consciousness and integrative health. We had a great conversation that covered the spiritual layers of the election, tips on how to heal your post-election feelings and relationships and talked about the positive things the election can bring to your spiritual journey.

Here are this week's show notes:

(1:39) Jonathan Ellerby Interview
(3:54) Spiritual Layers of 2016 Election
(11:26) Healing your relationships after the election
(15:30) Bringing balance to the power of men and women
(25:22) Challenge yourself and discover a doorway to your spiritual quest
(32:17) Conquering and reflection every day
(36:28) Why women defended Trump
(40:22) The power of the solitary vs communal quest
(44:54) What matters most? Who am I really? What relationships are most important?

Jonathan Ellerby has a PhD in comparative religion, an ordination as an interfaith minister and training in a range of healing systems. Jonathan has experience as a counselor, chaplain, and a business consultant and innovator. He has consulted for some the worlds largest and well known brands and has worked for some of the worlds leading integrative health resorts and medical programs, such as Canyon Ranch and the University of Arizona Medical School. The author of several books, Jonathan is a two time bestseller with Hay House and has been featured far and wide on radio, TV and in print.

He is currently the Spiritual Director at the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about Jonathan Ellerby by visiting