Humble Warrior Podcast

Not Everybody Does It, But Everyone Should - Interview with Ann Purcell

September 12, 2016

Ann-Purcell.jpgThis week we have a conversation about how meditation can be easy and have big impact on your life. We talk to Ann Purcell, who is the author of "The Journey of Enlightenment", a musician that creates songs for children and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Ann talks to us about how practicing Transcendental Meditation has affected her life. Show Notes: (1:22) Ann Purcell Interview, (2:48) Discovering meditation at 17, (5:08) Resting your mind, reducing stress and anxiety, (8:20) Focus, creativity and energy, (10:50) Improving your health and sense of self, (12:00) Meditation for children, (13:56) TM is an effortless technique, (17:17) Group meditaton and communities, (19:00) Wholeness of life, (27:00) A pathless path, (31:24) Living fullness of life, (38:30) Experiencing depth of your purpose, (48:30) Freedom from anxiety, fatique and stress