Humble Warrior Podcast

Let It Out - Katie Daleabout

May 2, 2016

This week Chris talks about his most recent bout with love versus fear and how guns knives and veggies are intertwined.  Chris gets the results of his book submission to the Hay House publishing contest and we're joined by special guest Katie Daleabout.  Here's this week's rundown:  (3:38) Veggies, Guns and Knives, (4:50) Love over Fear, (6:57) Chris takes email wrong way, (8:38) Chris responds negatively with fear, (11:57) Challenges with communicating through email, (13:47) Spending too much time thinking, (14:29) Responding with love when disagreeing, (15:40) HayHouse book publishing contest winner, (17:02) Telling your true story, (19:10) Having faith when facing adversity, (22:50) Katie Daleabout Interview, (25:10) Katie’s winding path,(28:00) Body image issues leads to eating disorder, (32:20) Turning to personal growth & self-development, (36:24) Figuring out who you are through journaling, (42:18) Deepening your relationships, (44:41) Safe places for your thoughts, (46:00) How to journal, (51:39) The artist way/Julia Cameron, (54:25) Working with Katie, (56:40) Katie training with Real Girl, (1:01:00) Challenges women face navigating the world