Humble Warrior Podcast

Interview with Detroit Juvenile Court Judge Frank Szymanski

November 7, 2016

Judge_Frank.jpgOn this week's episode, we talk to Detroit Juvenile Court Judge Frank Szymanski. Judge Frank is running for a seat in the Michigan Supreme Court and stops by to talk to us about his unique way of serving at-risk youth. We talk about the power of meditation as a form of intervention and talk about ways to serve yourself and others.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:36) Judge Frank Interview
(5:50) Rehabilitation vs Punishment
(12:18) Transcendental Meditation a Postive Intervention for Youth
(19:00) Convicts helping kids
(22:35) Happiness is a Result of Who You Are not What You Have
(30:45) Connecting by Serving
(35:24) Controlling the Blame Ball
(40:51) Take 60 Seconds To Make Someone Feel Good

Learn more about Judge Frank by visiting: