Humble Warrior Podcast

Guiltless Joy

April 11, 2016

Pat Jones co-hosts this week's podcast with Jon Moises while Chris Forte is in China.  Pat shares her story of having mysterious autoimmune symptoms and finding happiness.  We talk about (7:33) Pat is diagnosed with MS, (9:03) 9/11 feelings of despair, grey dust and neurological issues, (11:40) Treating her symptoms, (12:30) Pressing the reset button, (16:09) Leaving corporate America, (19:52) Soul’s desire, (23:27) The struggle of money, (25:23) Hearing God at housing court, (36:42) Paying double rent & filing for bankruptcy, (38:52) Declining mobility, (40:22) Focusing on what’s important when your life changes, (43:08) Following your calling, (46:13) Coming home, (47:50) Surrendering control, (49:09) What you actually need vs what you think you need, (55:47) Personal happiness and guilt, (1:00:32) Expectations, (1:04:16) Guiltless joy, acceptance and permission, (1:08:00) Money, freedom, independence and happiness, (1:12:34) Faith