Humble Warrior Podcast

Get Real, Be Well - Cassie Sobelton

April 24, 2016

This week we're joined by Cassie Sobelton who is an author, speaker + wellness expert who teaches people how to crack their Mind, Body, Spirit code to transform their health.  We have an upbeat conversation and talk about:(2:30) How Cassie connected to spirituality, (4:00) Ruptured appendix leads to discovery of Crohn’s disease, (6:10) Questioning the need for prescribed medication, (7:30) Finding a doctor that works with your needs, (8:45) Trusting your instincts, (10:00) Getting off meds in 6 months, (11:45) Mind, body & spirit practice, (14:10) Steel manufacturing and prison guards, (16:50) Friend’s suicide leads to defining moment, (18:49) Breaking away from corporate America, (22:35) Trust in following your heart, (26:43) Dealing with people that want you to follow a conventional path, (33:00) Importance of wellness programs, (38:30) Taking little steps over time, (40:58) Understanding why you do things, (43:01) Cassie’s 3 steps to making change