Humble Warrior Podcast

Find Your Truth and Recover Authenticity - Interview with don Jose Ruiz

August 29, 2016

donjoseruiz-200.jpgThis week we talk to don Jose Ruiz, co-author of the The Fifth Agreement, the follow-up to his father, don Miguel Ruiz's internationally best-selling book The Four Agreements. We talk to Jose about ways to open your heart, tapping into your internal creativity and a time that Ozzy Osbourne delivered spirit to Jose. Here are this week's show notes: (2:42) Don Jose Ruiz Interview, (3:42) Living with an open heart, (7:10) The Five Agreements, (11:27) Listening to your voice, (15:57) Sharing your experience, imagination and dreams, (19:25) When the student is ready the teacher will appear, (25:30) Ozzy Osbourne delivers spirit, (32:33) Creativity for transformation and growth.

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