Humble Warrior Podcast

Find the Spark to be Your Best Self - Interview with Kristen Noel

March 27, 2017



This week we talk to Kristen Noel, Editor in Chief of Best-Self Magainze. Kristen has a personal mission to empower people to take charge of their own destinies, to write their next chapters and to tap into their best selves — no matter what hardships they have experienced. She is currently working on an inspirational memoir and creating live events and online offerings to help others jumpstart shift in their own lives.

Here are this week's show notes:

(1:32) Interview with Kristen Noel, Editor in Chief Best-Self Magazine
(4:23) The journey of being in the audience to taking the stage
(8:40) Sharing the cracks in your armor create shifts in your life
(14:20) Ignoring the noise and claiming your passion
(18:49) Connecting the dots of mind, body and spirit
(24:38) One little thing starts the momentum of self-love
(29:47) Making a shift when it’s not working
(34:09) Listening to your intuition and speaking your truth

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