Humble Warrior Podcast

Fear and Failure, Special Guest Martha Blessing

May 31, 2016
This week we discuss fear and failure and we learn about mediums with our special guest Martha Blessing.  Here are this week's show notes: (1:30) Understanding fear and failure, (3:00) Chris shares his life failures, (12:00) Moving on from past, (13:15) Chris is afraid but has faith, (19:00) Embracing fear, (28:00) Martha Blessing Interview, (29:10) Transitioning from main stream medicine to a medical medium, (36:25) Listening to your soul, (41:35) Belief and trust in yourself, (47:15) What is a medium?, (53:20) Inner voice, heart, soul, god, (59:20) Martha talks about overcoming her back problems, (1:04:50) Giving yourself a time-in to get plugged in, (1:10:00) What does prayer mean to you, (1:17:32) Building a spiritual team