Humble Warrior Podcast

China in your Hand

April 18, 2016

Chris is back from China and shares details about his trip.  His dog Buddy also joins the podcast in the background.  Chris and Jon talk about: (1:30) Chris talks about his trip to China, (3:30) Traffic, scooters and clothes, (6:00) Coping with the circumstances of traveling in a group, (8:30) Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, (11:00) Business/Cultural revolution, (14:20) Being a minority in a foreign country, (17:15) Adjustments to daily practices on the road, (19:15) Grade school visit, (21:25) Chris plays ping-pong with old ladies, (23:46) 2-weeks with your daughter, (25:25) Children are our teachers, (29:20) Parenting guilt